Antik Batik

Born in Turin, she enjoyed a
well-behaved childhood there.
Her Hungarian grandmother
taught her how to embroider,
while her mother represented
the model of eternal elegance.
As an eighteen-year-old art
student in search of freedom,
Gabriella discovered Paris
and its wild nightlife. Then,
like the artists who went off
to study humanities in the 19th
century, she parted for the
Silk Road, following the last
of the psychedelic dandies.
In Bali, the thousand-year-old
batik technique for printing
silk inspired her to create her
first range of pareos. Taking
the word batik, Gabriella added
antik, “for the rhyme, and because it sounded good
in all languages.”
Having discovered India,
she explored other types
of techniques: embroidery,
bandhani: an artisanal dyeing
In 1992, ANTIK BATIK was born.
A traveler nostalgic for
the times of cabin trunks,
Gabriella invites us to go
back in time with pictorial
references from the beginning
of the 20th century. From
Art Nouveau she borrows its
decorative extravagance.

Lustrous decorations, stylized
floral patterns and geometric
prints inspired by the Russian
avant-garde charge her
creations with history.
“I’ve a desire to create the fashion of a voyager who
plunges into his past and rediscovers treasures in an old
trunk, pieces that evoke the childhood memories and the
parties of the Roaring Twenties.”
The explosion of colors from
the summer collections evoke
the bohemian elegance of
aristocrats such as Talitha
Getty in Tangiers and Marisa
Berenson in Ibiza at the end of
the sixties.
Married to the actor Marc
Rioufol, and mother to
little Nicola, Gabriella has
been designing a children’s
collection since 2001, she has
also adapted the richly colored
universe of ANTIK BATIK for
home décor.
Sought after by celebrities
and all women in search of
authenticity, ANTIK BATIK has
become an emblem of a bohemianchic
art of living..